The Fastest Way To Research Your Sales Prospects

Increase high quality touches, book more meetings and have better conversations.

“CheetahIQ has been amazing, I love it, I don’t go into any meeting without it. It helps accelerate discovery and allows me to have better conversations!"
Ben H.
Account Executive, Idiomatic
"I started using CheetahIQ a month ago, and now it only takes me 20 minutes to do the same research that previously took 2 hours. I easily have an extra day a week that I can devote to selling because of CheetahIQ. Investing in CheetahIQ has proved to be a no-brainer!”
Jeff M.
Strategic Accounts, Conga
"CheetahIQ is a must-have for any sales professional. It has cut my research time in half and has provided me with the tools to produce more targeted and effective, sales outreach."
Phil J.
Insights Manager, Proxima Group

Spend Less Time Researching and More Time Selling

Salespeople spend two to three hours a day researching their prospects for outreach and meeting prep. 

Information sources are fragmented and the amount of info to sort through can be overwhelming. 

CheetahIQ is the first research platform for salespeople, built by salespeople.

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How Salespeople Benefit From CheetahIQ

Increase Quality Outreach

We’ve aggregated news, jobs, 10-Ks, earnings transcripts, podcasts, and more, so you can find the most relevant and interesting info to leverage for outreach. Your research can be done up to 10X faster than before, which means more time for quality touches.

Stop Missing Sales Opportunities

Sales is a numbers game. With CheetahIQ you’ll be able to touch more accounts and discover sales opportunities you would have previously missed. 

Cut Through The Noise

Results are displayed by relevancy and key info snippets are shown as a preview before you take a deeper dive. Info is ranked from most useful to least useful to help you prioritize your research, outreach, and ultimately save you time.

Personalize Faster

CheetahIQ allows you to uncover interesting information and unique insights in less time than traditional research methods. Leverage these findings for fastet personalized outreach.


One Centralized Place

Search, review, and organize your research in one place so you can operate with efficiency. This is the end of 40 tabs opened and pasting research into Salesforce


CheetahIQ is The Fastest Way for Salespeople to Research Their Prospects