7 Reasons Why Salespeople Should Use Twitter

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Twitter for salespeople

It’s never been harder for salespeople to get a meeting. One reason for that is prospect’s inboxes are inundated with emails from salespeople asking for 15 minutes to chat.

Email outreach is the path of least resistance and there are many tools that make it easy for salespeople to send hundreds of messages with one click.

One way to cut through noise is to try a different channel.

You can try the phone, you can try to connect on LinkedIn, you can try sending a hand written note. They’re noisy too.

To cut through the noise, you should strongly consider using Twitter as channel to add to your outreach cadences. There are a few reasons why.

Why Salespeople should use Twitter

  1. Less competition. For whatever reason, salespeople are sleeping on Twitter.
  2. Your messages may show up on their cell phone if they have push notifications enabled. How effective could a well written message be that’s delivered right to their cell phone that they’re normally not seeing.
  3. You will stand out, at least for now. Back in the day you could send a message on LinkedIn to a sales prospect and have a high chance of getting a response. This could be the early days of salespeople using Twitter.
  4. A lot of very senior people at big companies have tiny twitter followings so you’ll be able to engage with them. We’ve seen CMOs of publicly traded companies who get zero retweets or likes and venture backed founders who have zero engagement with their posts.
  5. Given the nature of Twitter, you may be able to personalize your outreach in a unique way based on their Twitter activity. LinkedIn is more sterile, whereas with Twitter you’ll see people mix business and personal life.
  6. It’s easy to get their attention by retweeting or liking their tweets, especially since most people have a small following.
  7. Certain audiences are more active on Twitter and avoid LinkedIn like the plague. Infosec, tech leaders, VC backed Founders, and Marketing professionals are more active than most.

Even though this is an underutilized channel, you still need to apply best practices. In a perfect world, you use the same social selling principles you would for LinkedIn and genuinely engage with their posts. 

If Twitter is so good for salespeople then why don’t more salespeople use Twitter?

There are a few reasons why salespeople don’t use Twitter.

  1. It’s not always easy to find prospect’s Twitter handles
  2. Some salespeople don’t use Twitter so they don’t think to use it for their job.
  3. Channel fatigue – There is a hesitation to add another channel to work. Email, LinkedIn, Phone, etc. can all work so adding another can be tough.
  4. Sales Mangers don’t push their salespeople to use it. If your manager doesn’t recommend it, you may not even think to use it.
  5. Lead generation teams aren’t sourcing Twitter handles.

Twitter can be a great channel for salespeople to add to their arsenal. It’s not saturated like many of the more traditional channels and provides a different perspective of prospects.

If you are salesperson using Twitter and want more unique resources to leverage for personalizing outreach then you should check out how salespeople can use podcasts for personalizing outreach.

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