About Us

CheetahIQ was launched in January 2020 with the goal of building a product that solves a major problem that B2B salespeople face everyday -- researching their prospects.

After doing our own thorough customer research, we learned that salespeople were spending up to four hours a day on sales research. And even with this much time spent on it, they were missing a lot. Their current processes were slow, manual, and ineffective.

Salespeople were looking at a variety of sources but there was a lot of inconsistency around what they looked at. Some were looking at 10-Ks, some focused on job postings, some only used LinkedIn, but all were missing key insights and information because the amount of information is overwhelming and highly fragmented. With all that is asked of salespeople today, it was impossible for them to conduct effective research.

So we built CheetahIQ. A search engine designed specifically for salespeople. Spend less time on research, book more meetings, have better conversations.

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