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CheetahIQ launched in early 2020 with the goal of delivering the next-generation sales research solution for B2B salespeople. CheetahIQ came about one day when we were bogged down in tedious and time-consuming sales research. We were struggling to manage dozens of open browser tabs and were elbow deep in an inefficient and time consuming process. We thought “there has to be a better way,” and CheetahIQ was born.

We are sales people at heart. We believe that connecting with our customers and helping them succeed is the most rewarding part of sales. Our mission is to personalize connections to make sales more rewarding.

Personalization and relevance has always been the foundation of our sales approach and the CheetahIQ sales intelligence solution delivers a faster and better way to do the required research. It’s a sophisticated software application that quickly aggregates numerous sources of data into a well-organized format for delivering accurate, insightful information on potential customers and companies. Supported by cutting edge technology and built with the needs of salespeople at the forefront, CheetahIQ is your new secret weapon in the world of sales research.

The Big "Why"

Our customer research shows that salespeople spend over eight hours per week on sales research alone. Despite spending significant time researching, important details still fall through the cracks. Today’s processes are slow, manual, and ineffective – taking too much time and ultimately costing sales.

Salespeople look at a variety of sources, but inconsistency continues to be pervasive. Some focus on financial reports, others on job postings, while many rely only on LinkedIn. The one thing that salespeople have in common is that they are all missing key insights because the sheer amount of information is overwhelming and highly fragmented. In today’s sales research environment, it is impossible to conduct effective research while staying on top of all other sales activities.

The Solution

CheetahIQ is a search engine designed specifically for salespeople. By aggregating news, job listings, 10-Ks, earnings transcripts, podcasts, and more, we deliver the most relevant and sales insights 10x faster. We do the research, freeing up your time to do the most important part of your job–selling.

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