Using Podcasts For Personalizing Sales Outreach

Why are podcasts great for personalizing outreach and learning more about your prospects? They’re filled with insights. 1. If someone joins a podcast as a guest they’re going to talk about something they care about at length. Easy enough. Most podcasts range from 20-40 minutes. That’s a lot of talk time. You’re going to be […]

How To Research A Company Website Before Your Next Sales Call

Congrats, you scheduled an intro call. Now the fun begins. You’re going to most likely have 30 minutes, so you’ll need to make every second count. Whatever you do, do not go into the call unprepared. You’ll need to research the people in the meeting and the company. In this post, we’re only focusing on […]

Earnings Call: How Salespeople Can Use Them

Publicly traded companies do salespeople a huge favor once every three months. They provide a quarterly update on the company during their earnings call. It’s usually a conference all with prepared remarks to begin, highlighting key company events and performance, followed up with a Q&A session by investment analysts. The main purpose of the earnings […]

How Can Artificial Intelligence Impact B2B Sales?

Are you worried about AI replacing your job, or are you optimistic about how AI technology can help with B2B sales? This article is going to cover the advancements of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the B2B sales space and will discuss the impacts that can be made with the rapidly growing technology. You may be […]

7 Reasons Why Salespeople Should Use Twitter

It’s never been harder for salespeople to get a meeting. One reason for that is prospect’s inboxes are inundated with emails from salespeople asking for 15 minutes to chat. Email outreach is the path of least resistance and there are many tools that make it easy for salespeople to send hundreds of messages with one […]

How To Get Email Addresses To Cold Email (By Using Upwork)

If you’re going to be sending cold emails, you’ll need your prospect’s email addresses. There are a lot of options for how to get emails addresses or as some people call them, leads (contact info). Each with their own pros and cons., Lusha, writing a script to scrape LinkedIn, using Upwork to hire a […]

Sales Management. Simplified. Cliff Notes.

Sales Management. Simplified. The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team. Set goals Make sure comp plan is incentivized for their goals  Monitor and track goals Weekly one on ones and coaching Make sure they’re focused on selling New sales better compensation than growing  Celebrate sales victories and show appreciation for sales […]

Fanatical Prospecting Cliff Notes

This post contains cliff notes on Fanatical Prospecting and details key concepts. Fanatical prospecting is a useful book for salespeople who need to hunt for new business. It provides a useful framework to implement for any SDR or AE who wants to add some structure and strategy to their outbound game. Opportunities are key to […]

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