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Last year I was doing sales research to prepare for an upcoming discovery call.  I had gone down the rabbit hole and had over a dozen tabs open on my browser, including:

  • Company blog
  • Company investor relations page
  • Company jobs
  • News
  • Annual report
  • LinkedIn and Twitter

I was trying to piece all the information together on the company and the people I would be meeting.  I wanted to come across as knowledgeable, I wanted to truly understand the company’s situation and how we could help them solve a key problem, I wanted to ask great questions and finally I wanted to position myself to move into the highly coveted trusted advisor role.  In short, I wanted to build a strong connection with the people as early as possible in the sales cycle.

My problem was that I was spending way too much time on research and I knew I was missing relevant information. And this is when I thought, “there has to be a better way”.  This question led me to CheetahIQ and I fell in love with the product as it saved me hours per week in research time and helped me discover those hard to find insights that I knew were falling through the cracks.  A few months later the opportunity presented itself, and I acquired the assets of CheetahIQ from the original founders.

I am excited to be running CheetahIQ today.  I have first hand experience on the value it brings to sales teams across the entire sales cycle, and I am not alone as the original founders had built a strong user base of customers who also found value in reducing their research time.  In talking to these early customers, they all have stories about how CheetahIQ improved their research efficiency and how it found that key insight to open a meeting or move a deal through the sales cycle.

These same customers also shared what they do with the extra hours they have gotten back each week – more outbound calls and emails, which lead to more meetings and more deals.  They also talk about faster sales cycles, larger deals, better positioning against their competitors and fewer last minute surprises.  The bottom line is that CheetahIQ helps our customers understand their customers better, and this better understanding builds stronger connections and more trust.  Finally, this lets sales people do what they find most rewarding – help customers solve important problems.

And this is why, at CheetahIQ our mission is to make sales more rewarding.

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