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Make sales more rewarding

Improve your sales research process with key insights that enhance connections and improve results.

CheetahIQ delivers critical sales insights to reduce the time spent on research, helping salespeople build deeper connections and improve sales results.

Speed up your sales research process by 50-80% and accelerate flow through your pipeline.


Find information missed by traditional approaches, with more accurate details.


Simplify your process with our easy-to-use online platform that integrates seamlessly into your workflow.

Get Aggregated!

Set up more meetings. Close more deals. Land bigger contracts.

CheetahIQ aggregates data from multiple sources into well-organized, easy-to-understand insights on your prospects.
CheetahIQ Insights

Better Insights – Better Results

We aggregate research on your companies and contacts that get you more meetings and more opportunities to do what you do best: prospect, connect, build relationships and close. By speeding up the process, you’ll have more time for more quality touches.

Discover. Connect. Convert.

We do the heavy lifting so you can cut right to the chase with personalized communication that builds stronger connections. With one click search across companies and deep dives into your prospects, you’ll discover the vital info that other salespeople miss.
CheetahIQ Discover
CheetahIQ Insights

Critical Insights that Save You Time.

Salespeople want to sell, not spend hours researching. By combing through the social media profiles, earnings reports, podcasts, news, 10-Ks and more, we find and deliver the key insights you need to stay ahead of the process.

Build Deeper Relationships. Reduce Research Time. Improve Sales Results.

Our ability to uncover and pinpoint the most relevant and interesting information is also what helps you find the unique insights to increase your personalized outreach. We find the details that help you make a strong connection.
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CheetahIQ Cheetah

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