What is it?

CheetahIQ is a search engine for salespeople, built to reduce the amount of time spent researching sales prospects for outreach and meeting prep.

We helps salespeople find company and contact insights so they can more quickly and effectively personalize their outreach.

We do this by aggregating sales research sources such as 10-Ks, News, Podcasts, Twitter, Jobs, Press Releases, etc., and make them searchable so you can find what you need faster than ever.

Companies and contacts leave clues all over the internet and we help you find them.

CheetahIQ is used before, during, and after a sales cycle.

Who is it for?

SDRs, BDRs, AEs, EAEs and anyone who personalizes emails for outreach, needs to make cold calls, and prepares for meetings.

Salespeople looking to spend more time selling and less time doing research.

Sales leaders who want to free up time for more revenue generating activities for their sales teams. 

Sales leaders who want to create a consistent and predictable research process across their team.

Sales leaders who want their team to know as much as they can about their prospects.

We’ve also learned that anyone who does account based research has found the product valuable. 

Want more details?

Request a demo by clicking here to schedule time or you can sign up by clicking here

What are the usage limits?

With an Individual or Enterprise account, you can upload up to 50 companies and 10 people per company per day.

Uploads will typically be processed within 15 hours of being uploaded. We recommend you upload your contacts the night before so they are ready for you in the morning.

How Much?

CheetahIQ Individual accounts cost $70/month/seat + taxes. Sign up here!

For more pricing information: https://www.cheetahiq.com/pricing/

Got Questions?

email Joe, one of the founders, at joe@cheetahiq.com

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