How To Upload Accounts

Companies are mandatory. Company name and company domain are required.

Contacts are optional. First name and last name are needed to upload.

Any accounts not in our database will take a few hours to process. Once they’re processed, you’ll never have to wait for those accounts again. 

Spreadsheets must be .CSV files.

You can upload contacts at a later date.

How To Research Companies And Contacts

This video shows you how to use company and contact search functionality in CheetahIQ.

How to navigate the boxes, scrolling through snippets, clicking into snippets.

The basics of how to search at the company level.

The basics of how to search at the contact level.

How To Use Key Phrase Search

Try variations of similar key phrases.

Think about your value prop, think about the pain and problems you solve.

Go on your website and look at the copy and review case studies for inspiration

Start broad and then go specific – “mobile”  “mobile experience” “digital” “digital transformation.”

Search for tools or software you integrate with. You can even search “tools.

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