Sales Management. Simplified. Cliff Notes.

Sales Management. Simplified. The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team.

Set goals

Make sure comp plan is incentivized for their goals 

Monitor and track goals

Weekly one on ones and coaching

Make sure they’re focused on selling

New sales better compensation than growing 

Celebrate sales victories and show appreciation for sales team throughout org

Strategy: Which markets should they be pursuing and why?

Exactly what are we asking the salesforce to sell and specifically, to whom should they be selling it?

Managers need to teach sales skills and train.

Sales reps must create value where customer would have paid for the call.

Don’t lead with product or service.

Sales call sins: The salesperson doesn’t establish herself as a professional or assert control by setting up the meeting, sharing her agenda, and getting buy in from the customer-sellers approach the sales call already in presentation mode and are too quick to jump to demo or presentation-salespeople talk way too much and listen way too little.

Need to discover the customers real issue  – salespeople give off the vibe that they are there to pitch at the prospect which creates and awkward adversarial dynamic 

Don’t be afraid to push back on buyer. Don’t accommodate 100%. Push back is okay to position for right opportunity, get right people involved, make sure you’re ready for a proposal or a demo/presentation 

Customers are looking for help and value. Always talk to customer who issues RFP.

Sales Management. Simplified. Cliff Notes, Three Clear Categories.

Sales management has three clear categories

  1. Sales leadership and culture 
  2. Talent management 
  3. Sales process 

1 on 1 every week

Start off with numbers every single time and be results focused.

Talk about sales for the week, sales versus quota, rank among sales people. Review pipe/opportunities.

If they’re not good, look at activity and calendar.

Are they hitting activity they committed to? How does calendar look moving forward? I’m here to help, is something in your way?

The sales management accountability progression

  1. Results 
  2. Pipeline
  3. Activity 

Always look at results first

Analyzing opportunities in pipe

  1. Name for me the new oops that are in your pipe today that we’re not here when we met last week? 
  2. Name for me the existing opps you moved forward in the sales process since we reviewed your pipe last week

Want to build more pipe? – check out our Fanatical Prospecting Cliff Notes

Sales Management. Simplified. How To Run a Sales Team Meeting.

Sales Team Meeting

  1. Personal updates – about their life, each salesperson
  2. Review sales results and highlight performance – celebrate success 
  3. Success stories – ask some people to share specifics about a sales story 
  4. Product training 
  5. Best practice sharing – anyone doing something with getting appointments, closing deals – have someone share and prepare for team 5-10 min
  6. Deal strategy brainstorming session- discuss a sales opp that’s stuck. Have team give suggestions on what they can do
  7. Executive or other department presentation 
  8. Book or blog review – read a book together as a team. Assign a salesperson to discuss. Maybe assign a chapter per salesperson
  9. Sales skill coaching/training – review basics, show new technique 
  10. Business plan presentations or reviews – show how their plan is working or how it’s tracking 
  11. Brief, controlled bitch session – airing of grievances so salespeople can vent about silly policy, where they’re unsupported right ill equipped. Management can score points listening and addressing 
  12. Non sales related inspiration – movie clip, story etc
  13. Takeaways- have people share their takeaways- what they’ve learned or can incorporate

Sales leader needs to be positive and optimistic “we are going to hit our sales goal, we are going to win”

Salespeople should look forward to team meetings. 

Must make time to shadow your salespeople. Coach before and after sales calls.

Let salesperson assess call first before manager does.

Sales Management. Simplified. Cliff Notes On Talent Management.

Talent management is critical 

  1. Right people in right roles
  2. Retain top producers
  3. Remediate or replace underperformed
  4. Recruit 

Over support your “A players”, recognize them and spend time with them. Find out what they like as a reward be it recognition or meeting with c level.

Two questions to ask during an interview

  1. Tell me about the last two significant deals you won due to your own proactive sales effort. Share the whole story from beginning to end. How did you identify or create the opportunity? How did you get in? Describe the discovery process. Tell me about the various stakeholders. How did you build interest and consensus? Take me through the chronology of the various conversations and meetings all the way through presenting, proposing, negotiating, and closing the deal. 
  2. Let’s assume we hired you and you started on the first of the month. After getting you oriented to the company, we turned you loose. Let’s pretend that both your manager and I headed off to Hawaii for 90 days. All on your own. I’d like you sketch out howd youd approach the job. Where would you start? What would you do? Where would you go to learn more or for help if needed? What would you have accomplished by day 91?

Targets – named existing customers and prospective customers a salesperson identifies and commits to pursuing for new business -management involved in setting targets, needs to be strategic 

Make sure to call targeting time outs so your sales team isn’t running on auto pilot and going after same accounts on same days. 

  1. Do the target accounts I’ve been pursuing provide the best chance of winning new business?
  2. Have I fallen into a rut bc I’m comfortable calling the same prospects over and over?
  3. Is it time to re-evaluate how i segment my existing accounts so my best effort goes toward the most strategic opportunities?
  4. How can I clean up my open tasks in the crm so I know I’m working leads and opportunities most likely to produce results?

Narrow focus to get more touches. 

Weaponize the sales team with a “sales story”/elevator pitch. 

Sales story needs to give value to prospects.

Sales story needs to be succinct, compelling, customer issue focused, differentiating. 

Review how sales team members prepare for, structure, and conduct initial/discovery calls. 

Create a standard sales call structure.

What is minimum acceptable amount of pre call research?

Does your company have some type of prescribed structure for sales calls that outlines the various stages from beginning to end?

What materials and tools should salespeople have with them on sales calls?

Have you worked through the best way to set up the sales call by sharing the agenda and seeking the customer’s input?

How well do your people share a succinct version of the sales story and position themselves as customer issue focused expert problem solvers before launching into probing questions?

Are team members armed with insightful probing questions that not only help them learn more about the customer’s situation but also demonstrate your company’s familiarity with the kids of issues on customer’s mind?

Do sales team members know discovery before presentation?

How comfortable are sales team members with fleshing our objections or securing next steps?

What processes are in place following a sales call?

Sales Management. Simplified. Cliff Notes on Individual Business Plans

This is the sales reps plan, lots of ways to do it. They will own it and as a manager you can come back to it if they’re struggling. 

  1. Goals – Put sales goals in writing – revenue, accounts etc
  2. Strategies – how are you going to do it(cross-sell, target lists)
  3. Actions – the math, how many calls, meetings, etc
  4. What’s in the way? Lack of training, product knowledge, family issues, etc 
  5. Personal development, growth and motivation – how do you want to grow this year and what will keep you motivated?

Team members make the plans public for accountability. Make sure you and salesperson get a copy. Can review it from time to time to held them accountable. 

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