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Sales Slack Groups

Slack Group Overview

Once Slack became common place in corporate America, Slack groups started popping up for specific industries and niches. For salespeople, sales Slack groups can be helpful in a variety of ways. They’re a great way to pick up sales tips, actually network with other sales professionals, and find out about new sales jobs.

For salespeople, there are a few sales Slack groups worth joining.

Good Slack groups have a few things in common.

The first is that they have some level of moderation. A sales Slack group without moderation will quickly turn into spam fest of self promotion and link dumping. Don’t believe me? Check out CRO Growth Hacks which is a sales Slack group gone wild. It’s a mess.

The second thing good sales slack groups have is quality participants. People who know what they’re talking about. This tends to be tough to recruit for but you’ll quickly realize if the people in the group are legit.

Third thing good groups have is a diversity of opinion. Joining a sales Slack group where everyone thinks the same way or believes the same thing is going to be boring and a waste of your time. Echo chambers are not helpful.

Fourth element is the group has quality shares from the members. Sales slack groups with quality content, whether that is from a moderator or participants is key to getting value out of sales slack group.

Fifth thing in a good Slack group is that the group doesn’t have a ton of self promotion. Usually a channel will be dedicated to shameless self promotion which is fine. But if you are constantly trying to sell, not only will people ignore you, you’ll probably be booted.

Top Sales Slack Groups

UPDATE: Launching in the fall

Enterprise Sellers – This invite only group is the first Slack group created specifically for enterprise salespeople. Currently, there is a waiting list. To sign up you’ll need to apply via the link below. The goal of the group is to help enterprise salespeople close more deals and book more meeting by sharing public and private company insights.

Apply to Join Enterprise Sellers

SalesStack – This sales Slack group has regular updates on the latest tools, events, and market trends, curated by Chris Ortolano. You will get insight into the latest sales related topics. It’s worth checking out at Chris curates most of the information. It’s not as active as other groups but the quality of info shared is above average.

Top Channels: Market Trends, Tools, Prospecting, and Events


Corporate Bro’s Sales Savages – The best all around sales Slack group we’ve come across. Everyone is helpful, it’s pretty active, well moderated, and the content is a good mix of humor and actionable sales advice. Corporate Bro is active in the group as well, always dropping his latest content.

Top Channels: Humor, CBContent, Prospecting, Careers, SavagePups, Template/Tools

Bonus: Corporate Bro also has a Sales Slack channel for women only called #ladysavages.


SDReady – This is an up and coming group for SDRs. It’s fairly new and it looks like the founders of it have some nice early traction and engagement. They’re active too to keep the conversation moving and moderated. If you’re an SDR, it’s worth checking out. SDReady


Top Channels: Career Development, Email Prospecting, Cold Calling, Jobs

Women in Sales Slack Group – The point of this community is so women in sales can support each other by connecting and learning from each other. We don’t have much information on this group but we’ve heard positive things.


Joining a sales Slack group can be a great way to meet other salespeople, find new jobs, source new opportunities, and learn a thing or two. It’s important to not just lurk. Contributing is a great way to add value to the group and connect with other members. People join because they want to learn from others, they want to expand their network, and they’re curious to see what other salespeople have to say.

RevGenius – RevGenius is a fast growing Slack group for sales and marketing folks. The group is fairly new and adding hundreds of members per week. They have multiple people running the group with plans (unknown at this time) for the group to evolve potentially beyond the Slack group itself.


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