Using Podcasts For Personalizing Sales Outreach

Why are podcasts great for personalizing outreach and learning more about your prospects?

They’re filled with insights.

1. If someone joins a podcast as a guest they’re going to talk about something they care about at length. Easy enough.

Most podcasts range from 20-40 minutes. That’s a lot of talk time. You’re going to be able to learn a lot about a prospect. Podcast hosts tend to be quite selective because the quality of their podcasts can be directly related to the guests they choose. They’re going to invite people on with expertise in a specific area.

2. They’ll usually discuss their background in the beginning and most hosts will try to bring up something that makes the guest stand out. It’s not always business related.

Almost every interview, whether it’s a radio, tv, or podcast interview starts the same way. The host will let the listeners know who they’re talking to, provide some background info, and try to hook the listener by describing what makes this guest unique. The first five minutes of a podcast can sometimes be gold when learning about a prospect to personalize outreach.

3. Guests will tell stories/anecdotes, you can connect that to your value proposition or a similar customer story/challenge.

There may also be a personal story or a business story. Either way, you’ll have something you can leverage for personal outreach from a podcast that you wouldn’t normally get.

4. You’ll get a better idea of their personality. If they use a lot of data on the podcast, try taking a more data driven approach. If they are big storytellers, then use more of a storytelling approach.

Bonus Tip: Also consider this when viewing their LinkedIn Profile. How do they write? Is it data driven? Story driven?

5. Uncover opportunities. I’ve heard leaders discuss initiatives or challenges they’re working on in great detail or major projects they’ve rolled out and what next steps look like. That can be gold.

Bonus Tip: Make sure to play the podcasts at 1.5-2X speed or find the transcript.

EXAMPLE Podcast Use Case For Personalizing Outreach

This was a podcast a prospect was on that was uncovered for someone selling software related to digital experiences…

[company name] has been creating world class digital experiences since digital became trendy.

The marketer behind a lot of the brand’s success since 2013, [senior person], joined us on this episode of the This Podcast to talk a little more about his background, how [company] have continued to grow their business through distinctive products, services & communications, how technology is contributing positively to the total brand experience (especially through digital touchpoints), the role of a global marketer and investigating cultural nuances.

Having worked on both the agency and client side, [senior person] has a rare perspective on the strengths and direction of each. [senior person] revels in the technical details of everything and is fascinated with making things easy to understand.

Without even listening to the podcast you get a great idea of the potential insights you might be able to leverage for outreach if this was a prospect you were trying to personalize outreach for.

Manually searching for podcasts to use for personalizing outreach can be time consuming. Check out to find out with one click if your prospects have appeared on a podcast so you can personalize podcasts.

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